Kick The Tires, Alma

My latest ten-minute play, KICK THE TIRES, ALMA, was the closing performance of the 2021 Boston Theater Marathon of Ten-Minute Plays. For the second year in a row, the Marathon, which, before the dreaded pandemic, was a one-day, all-day affair featuring 50 ten-minute plays performed five per hour from noon until 10 pm. Last year and this year, the Marathon has been virtually presented, one play a day for fifty days, not counting Sundays. KICK THE TIRES, ALMA, which is a brand new visit with the three Porch Ladies from my full-length, THE PORCH, starred Bobbie Steinbach, Ellen Colton and Cheryl McMahon, who first played the roles at the Lyric a number of years ago. More information in Broadway World, located HERE.