This is the PRELUDE to the show.

AT RISE, an orchestral chord begins to play in the background.  The lights dim and the chord ends with an ominous blast.

Immediately after the final chord, we hear a hideous SCREAM from the rear of the house.  Then, GILDA,  fiery, striking peasant girl in her twenties, runs through the house towards the stage.  She continues to scream but she is also laughing.  She stops halfway to the stage, turns, and looks back to the rear of the house, where we see CLAUS, a young, sturdy peasant boy about Gilda’s age. He is holding a large sack, waving it at Gilda.  As the scene continues, Claus moves closer to Gilda, threatening her playfully with the contents of the sack.

GILDA: No, Claus!  No!  I told you!  I don’t want to see it!

CLAUS: (moving towards her) Why not?  You’ve seen one of these things every day of your life.

GILDA: But I’ve seen ‘em attached.  That’s a big difference! (Claus playfully moves towards her with the sack) No!  I said no!  Get that thing away from me!  The doctor don’t need it anymore anyway.  He’s gone home to get married.  She’ll never let him out of that manor again.

CLAUS: Oh, the doctor will be back.  You can take my word on that.  I’ve seen the look in his eyes, Gilda.  Them are eyes that belong in an asylum, I’m tellin’ ya.  Your Doctor Frankenstein set his mind on a job and he’s going to finish it!  (reaches for her hand)  Now come, girl!  The faster I get this into the laboratory, the faster I get you into the loft!

He yanks her away, she laughs gleefully, and they disappear into the woods.