Alice in Wonderland
Adapted from Lewis Carroll by Jack Neary

So, what are the challenges when faced with adapting one of the most beloved stories of all-time, one that's been adapted a million times, and Disney-fied to top it all off? Well, let me count the ways. Nah. You don't need to read that stuff. Suffice it to say, this adaptation makes an attempt to put this wildly absurdist series of incidents into story form, placing the misplaced Alice on trial from the very beginning, charged by the Queen of Hearts with complicity with the Knave of Hearts over some pilfering of tarts. The court is deliciously insane. The King is hilariously befuddled. And as Alice makes her defense by recounting her astonishing trip through Wonderland, all the marvelous Lewis Carroll characters come to vivid life in an easy-to-stage, fast-moving play that is designed to entertain the kids and the adults in the audience. It is hoped that lovers of the Alice books, lovers of other Alice adaptations, and even lovers of the Disney version will love this one.

Alice In Wonderland