Lunch Money
Jack Neary

Mikey McDougald's lunch money is missing from his locker! Big Man at Recess Harlan Parmenter is the principal suspect!

The student's in Mrs. Delfina's class have been compelled to bring the culprit to justice. But they must do it in a just and orderly fashion. That means a classroom trial!

Mean Girl Cynthia Chemise has been ordered to serve as Judge, guided through the process by the no-nonsense Bailiff, with brilliant Suzanne Sharpy as Prosector, and slick Brandon Whistle as Defense Attorney. One by one a series of Harlan and Mikey's classmates testify as the classroom attorneys seek to discover who did what and when. Scared-out-of-his-mind Phillip, straight-shooter Timmy Thomas Timmons and super energized Melissa Adrenalin take the stand as Suzanne and Brandon grill them, hoping to learn the truth behind the missing lunch money. All the while, Mikey sits there, saying nothing. Until he can't take it any longer. And then...all heck breaks loose.

LUNCH MONEY is a fast-moving, exciting look at bullying in the classroom, with a large dose of humor to keep everything in perspective. It is the winner of the Dramatic Development Award from the Boston Public Schools.

"Our actors and audience were thrilled with LUNCH MONEY--the perfect choice for our school play! Not preachy, but clearly anti-bullying--and hilarious! This was a treat to produce. the piece is so well-written, it practically directs itself!" ANDREA GRANDE, DRACUT MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOL DISTRICT.

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