Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Adapted by Jack Neary

The third adaptation in the Misdirected Series is one more attempt on the part of stalwart Artistic Director Margaret Lafontaine to bring the celebrated Misdirected Theatre company to her theatre to perform for her loyal audience. After twice having to cover for the Misdirected no-shows, Margaret PROMISES her audience that this time, they are on board and ready to tell the story of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. Of course, hijinks ensue and the Misdirecteds bail out, leaving Margaret's endlessly creative company of techies to tell the story, which they do, admirably. Ozzie, Larry, Cyndi, Jason, Margaret, and even Warren the UPS guy take stage and bring to life the often scary story of the sweet, gentle, humanitarian princess whose wholesome beauty drives her wicked stepmother to unheard of acts of treachery, treachery which is ultimately thwarted by seven tiny workmen who lives in the forest, the young girl's timid but loving father the King, a very talkative mirror, a wily Wizard, and a handsome Prince on a toy horse. Richly humorous from beginning to end, still, it's a mysterious and intriguing story which entertains kids and parents alike. PHOTO FROM MAKESHIFT THEATRE.

Cast: MARGARET, the Artistic Director / OZZIE, the Stage Manager / LARRY, the Sound Designer / CYNTHIA, the Costumer /WARREN, the UPS Guy / JASON, the Technical Director

Same cast as ROBIN HOOD and THE UGLY DUCKLING, again with six actors playing many roles.


The Setting:

The bare stage of a theatre with a big box that holds props and costumes.

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